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Written by  Jenny
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As the Florida temperatures rise so does the electric bill!!  We are spending a lot more time inside with the air conditioning cranked down.  It is interesting to me how different the lifestyles are depending on the part of the country you live in.
 While spring is here with summer just around the corner, my friends in the north are just starting outdoor activities.  While here in Florida we migrate indoors to get out of the heat.  Especially if you are a Polish Lowland Sheepdog!
We pass the time napping and so on, but we do have some great inside games to play!  For instance, chasing an ice cube around the tile floor is fun as well as helping mom with all her chores.  When the vacuum comes out we run and get the ball so mom can hit it across the floor with the vacuum and still try to manage to get the rugs done.  Loading the dishwasher is always a good time, we make sure all the food is off the plates so the dishes come out sparkly clean.  Folding laundry is one of our favorite games.  You wait until mom is not looking then steal a towel or sock and run around the house so mom will chase you!
It's not so bad being a Polish Lowland Sheepdog in Florida, you just have to learn how to adapt.  Being the smartest dog of all breeds, we manage just fine!
Who said PONs can't use the computer! :o)


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