About The Breed

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is lovingly know as a PON. Which stands for Polski Owczarek Nizinny! PON is much easier to say!

A Polish Lowland Sheepdogis NOT a breed for everyone. Every breed has different traits and the PON is no exception.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is very intelligent and learns quickly. They have a determined personality and individuality. The PONis curious, aloof, suspicious of strangers and has very strong territorial instincts. He was born to watch and guard. Your PON will be an exceedingly loyal friend to you and your family but is very demanding of your time. He can not be left alone for long periods of time without developing behavioral problems. With proper training and socialization you will have a happy dog and a true companion.

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog needs structure. Training is not an option it is a MUST. You must be the “Pack Leader” the PON needs and wants you to take that role. If you do not he will gladly take over as the leader and trust me you DO NOT want a PON for a boss. Establish your role as the leader from the start. Most common behavior problems occur when your PON tries to assume the leadership role if you are not consistent or assertive.

Your PON wants to please you. You will find the best results will come with kindness. Be patient but strong. Be positive, let your dog know what you want him to do and praise him for it, rather than telling him what you don’t want. He will learn from positive commands, rather than a stream of negative commands. Anger does NOT teach, especially with a PON. It will only make them more stubborn and confused.

It is important to have a routine. Always feed and walk your dog at the same time everyday. This will make all aspects of training much easier. Once you have established a schedule be CONSISTENT with everything you do with your dog.

Your PON needs a job. Most of all your PON just wants to be with you, but he needs something to do everyday. Whether his job is to be the king/queen of fetching the tennis ball, helping with chores around the house (which they are very good at), work on the farm, be a therapy dog or a show dog, he has to have something to do. As long as you are an active participant with your PON and his job, he will be very happy. You DO NOT want your PON to get bored. It makes for a very unhappy dog and his behavior will make for a very unhappy you. With that said, your PON will adapt to your lifestyle. He is energetic, fun loving, spirited and very entertaining! He is meant to be and wants to be a valuable family member.

Also EXTREMELY crucial is socialization. Make sure yourPON is exposed to many different people and places. From the time he is a puppy until he is at least two years of age, that time is very critical. Puppy classes are a great way for YOU and your PON to begin the learning process. The more positive experiences your puppy has with strangers and different settings, the less likely it is that he will become shy or fearful.

It takes a special person to love and raise a PON. It is very important you know what you are committing to, before making your decision. With knowledge, awareness, understanding and an open heart owning a Polish Lowland Sheepdogwill change your life forever!!

OH!! I almost forgot...be careful, because usually you can’t just stop at one!!!!